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frequently asked questions


What Services do you offer at your firm?

We offer all services related to addressing and resolving Family Law matters, as well as the preparation and execution of Wills and Power of Attorneys.

What is my first step in dealing with my Family Law matter?

The first step would be to book an initial consultation with one of our three exceptional Family Law lawyers. We are happy to offer fairly priced initial consultations, which can be completed over Zoom, telephone, or in person. During your initial consultation.

How much will the entire process cost me?

“Our lawyers bill on a monthly basis based on the lawyer’s hourly rate. The amount charged will be based on the amount of time spent by the lawyer on your case. It is very difficult to give an estimate of how much this will cost because there are many variables involved. Additionally, we charge for expenses called “disbursements” which include things like filing fees or expert report fees.